THE CRAYFISH, honestly one of the areas most unique and talented bands of the day. Their act could feel right at home, whether on stage at the 9:30 club or comedy central, these guys will get you going and leave you wanting more! (no shit!)

The lineup starts with Terry Glaze, who hails from Texas, a founding member of "PANTERA", only leaving to continue with "LORD TRACY", handling guitar and vocals in Hollywierd for their cd's and videos. He relocated to MD and hooked up with his old pal on drums, Jimmy Marcos, who was also touring the U.S. and Canada, holding heavy rhythms down for the likes of such artists as ,"FRANK MARINO AND MAHOGANY RUSH", "LAST CHILD" and "R.H. FACTOR".

   Realizing that low end was the most important aspect of a truly exceptional band, they recruited Tom Rodante, one of the most gifted bassists the mother state of Maryland has ever produced! He has worked with such acts as, "THE NOWHERE MEN" ,"SECOND COMING", and was the Theodore voice for all the "ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS" recordings.

   To complete the solid foundation of this project, THE CRAYFISH are lucky to have the talents of Bob Porambo, a multi-instrumentalist, who did NOT help to guide such seminal acts as " The Starland Vocal Band". Bob helps provide the band with the rich based blues foundation that this act works so hard to create.

   All this, and a guest lineup that never ends!

WARNING*** this band likes to have fun, if this is harmful to you,
please stay away!






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