Lord Tracy - Live

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Lord Tracy Live


  1. Transexual
  2. Rats Motel
  3. Deserai
  4. Me and The King
  5. King of the Nighttime Cowboys
  6. She's A Bitch
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Whatchadoin'
  9. Foolish Love
  10. Barney's Bass Solo
  11. East Coast Rose
  12. Pirahna
  13. 3HC
  14. I Want You
  15. (Let's Go) Rodeo
  16. Out With The Boys
  17. Don't Give Up On Love


Late last night, I heard the telephone ring
I didn’t think about it, it was nothing
She said she got my #, from a friend of mine
I should have known better, I must have been blind

They’re on the silver screen
They’re on your magazines
They’re on the T.V. too
Hey baby what you gonna do?
TRANSEXUAL She was a tran-sexual

A one way street , can’t slow me down
A two lane hiway, get the hell outta town
I’ve got to run for cover & hide my head
She’ll be here before you know it, she-man in red

Get up in the morning & get down at night

Look to the left, & check your right
Eyes wide open, but keep it outta sight
’Cause you know they’re out there, & they’re after you
& They’ll make contact, before they’re through


They’re underneath your chairs
They’re in your underwear
They’re everywhere you see
After all, they’re you & me



Tell you a story 'bout the RAT’S MOTEL
Beds by the clock now, tell me now, could you tell?
Everybody stays up all night
Partake of that sweet delight

Sally’s in the alley got her mind in the gutter
Baby’s swimmin’ round like rat’s in the sewer
Stand by for the natures child
Little girl drives me wild

You can take me to heaven or leave me to hell
Don’t close your eyes
No sleeping at the RAT’S MOTEL
Come On
We keep it up all night
We do it over & over & over
We get it inside

Sally’s in the alley, got her mind in the sewer
Baby’s on the curb,
But he swears he never knew her man

Everybody stays up all night
Partake of that sweet delight



Is it real
Darlin’ in your heart
Does it feel
like it’s tearing apart
& you know
That it’s just another motion in time

You’re in love
Darlin’ in & out
Thinking of
& we’re talking about to explode
& it’s just another motion of time

’Cause darlin’ I don’t want to be the one
To break your heart in two
Give me just another motion of time
Before we’re through

DESERAI’ is it really you
Yeah it’s written on your face
it’s really true DESERAI’

Take my hand
Realize, understand
Yeah it’s all in your eyes & you know
It’s just another motion time



Allright all you new wave surfing maniacs
Get your board and let’s catch a wave

Black lace, white lies
You’re in my dreams
It’s not wrong, It’s not right
Babe I think it’s in between


Here we are
Face to face
I like when you get down,
Give me just a little taste

You get me high
You blow my mind
I like it when you, when you,
You take me downtown
Take me down town, & that’s what I like


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