Lord Tracy 4


Late last night, I heard the telephone ring
I didn’t think about it, it was nothing
She said she got my #, from a friend of mine
I should have known better, I must have been blind

They’re on the silver screen
They’re on your magazines
They’re on the T.V. too
Hey baby what you gonna do?
TRANSEXUAL She was a tran-sexual

A one way street , can’t slow me down
A two lane hiway, get the hell outta town
I’ve got to run for cover & hide my head
She’ll be here before you know it, she-man in red

Get up in the morning & get down at night

Look to the left, & check your right
Eyes wide open, but keep it outta sight
’Cause you know they’re out there, & they’re after you
& They’ll make contact, before they’re through


They’re underneath your chairs
They’re in your underwear
They’re everywhere you see
After all, they’re you & me

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