Lord Tracy 4


I’m riding high on the range tonight
You know I’m never alone,
I got my 6 guns by my side
Rattle snake Sally, she got a mean bite
She’s a wolf howlin’ at the moon tonite

You never know which way to go
She’s comin’ on like a picture show
You take it all blow by blow
Come on baby, let’s doe-se do

Crazy horse Annie got a heart like a wheel
She’s a tumbleweed, bouncing field to field
Whoa now baby got her hand on my trigger
Well yippie Yai Kai Yo bang bang!

You stand alone in the pouring rain
It’s coming on like a hurricane
Your kind of love, driving me insane
Come on little doggie


Sally Annie got a bad reputation
She gets down with the mean gyration
She got a job at the gasoline station
She’s pumping

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