Lord Tracy - Cull none!

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  1. Intro
  2. Devil Song
  3. Don't Give Up On Love
  4. Fella Sho' Dance
  5. Big Surprise
  6. 17 Years
  7. Come Back To Me
  8. Heart In Your Hands
  9. Jes Like You
  10. Drum Thang
  11. The Woman Is Wood
  12. Beverly Hills
  13. Yo Love
  14. Big Black Cadillac
  15. Can't Be Serious
  16. Eat Them
  17. Moby Dixie Head
  18. Burning Love
  19. Fleetwood Mac
  20. Choo Choo


I held hands with the devil
Yeah I partied down with satan himself
My middle name is beelzebub
& the íLí stands for lucifer

But then, I never, I never
Iíve never been untrue to you, no

Baby, you know that I begged, & borrowed, & cheated , & stealed
But who hey, it ainít no big deal
íCause when your best buddy is
BIG íDí himself
He will cover you, he will cover you



The first time, I laid eyes on you
My heartís aí beatinífaster
Donít know what Iím gonna do

íCause I been all alone
Without the love
For so long
& Iím sure that I need it now
So much more than before

Donít give up on love
Donít lose the faith, keep hanginí on, I say
Donít give up on love
Donít leave me now
Hold on,
For just a little longer

All alone
Youíre feeliní down & out
You want somebody for your own
Certainly without a doubt

All my life
I tried to work it out
But it always seems to fade away
Itís not right
The way you do to me
Itís all I did it to say yeah



I know,
I know what youíre thinking
Come on
Give me just a little bit more

You know
Circumstance beyond all control
It keeps me hanginí on to your love

In our situation
Youíre my fascination
Youíll be safe in my arms
Iíll give you everything
Good loviní baby, night & day
The rest is up to you

Youíve got my heart in your hands
Donít let it hit the ground
Fall & slip right through your fingertips
Youíve got my heart in your hands
So when you look my way
Youíve got it, Oh



The woman is wood
She has no name
Unlike any ply
Sheís like a picture frame
But when she walks
Youíll see the light
Sheís like a china doll
Dressed up right

Itís what you want
A hammer & a nail
Whoa-The woman is wood

The woman is wood
A caribbean shore
Sheís like a freight train
Behind closed doors
But when she talks
Itís like an angelís voice
& Then you ainít got no choice



Hide my money in an old fruit jar
Saviní it up to buy a brand new car
I said it sounds so cool
but I gotta make clear
This ainít no regular automobile

Fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror
& Fins on the back
I want a big big big big BIG CADILLAC

I said it feels so cool behind the wheel
I said you can drive baby,
ainít no big deal
I said it sounds so cool
but I gotta make clear
This ainít no ordinary automobile



Roaches crawling on the wall, EAT THEM
Spiders hanging in the halls, EAT THEM
Youíre hungry, youíve got to find some more
You see a rat sitting on the floor and you,
EAT him, you EAT him

Snakes slither through the grass
One dares come near, attempt to pass, & you, EAT him
Flies buzzing through the air
You catch a few, here & there, and you,
EAT him, you EAT him

Maggots in the garbage can
You run to get your frying pan
You cook them well, until theyíre brown
With fork in hand you sit down to

After your meal you go to bed
But awake to find bugs, insects crawling on your head
Frantically you try to knock them away
But thereís no hope left, when you hear one say,


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